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Pamela Atwood-SCI Diana Award Winner, Heros Challenge Part II, Trigger Sports LIVE! Ep. 102 12/15/10

EP 102

Special Guests include: 1997 SCI Diana Award winner, Pamela Atwood, Rachel Parsons-NRA Spokesperson, discusses student with gun on campus, David Codrea, 2nd Amendment Rights Advocate discusses Don King and the Brian Aitken case and Mark Walters, Armed American Radio, discusses a legally armed citizen arrested.

Our Trigger Sports FILE covers the American Heros Challenge Part 2 from Las Vegas, organized with American Shooters.

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Rachel Parsons, NRA Spokeperson

David Codrea, Gun Rights Examiner.

You can follow David at

Mark Walters, Host - Armed American Radio

and order Mark's book at Lessons From Armed America

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